I was born into lost

Where my heart wandered

For most of my empty life

Battered, bruised, and torn

After daring to love others

Who’ve misuse everyone or things  

I retreated deep inside myself

That only place it learned to feel safe

Like the sun and moon

That travers’s space and time

Like a kept promise being delivered

You took a few of your moments

To listen to my words

And move me with your answers

Ignoring my brokenness and hurt

Somehow it really seemed

An unbelievable kind of feeling  

You reached beneath my scars

Unlike anyone has ever before

And I finally started to believe

The way you were treating me

With a lifetime missing love

But all it was… was fool’s dream   


Poet of the Light © 2020


9 thoughts on “Phantomized  

    1. Like you, I’ve been there and done that, however knowing I have that safe sanctuary to return to if need be, I maintain the faith and courage to pursue with a more knowledgeable understanding should love present itself again.

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