Master recipe  

Somewhere betwixt life and death

There is this clear pathway hidden

Where our souls do traverse blindly

As they leave those of us far behind

They also leave their love as proof

We are loved and treasured dearly

Some of us feel torn in two directions

And in our grief, we want to be with

Loved ones here as well as there too      

Our heartbeats here seem to go silent  

We know their echoes speak volumes    

That only those who’ve crossed over      

Could truly receive and appreciate

Body and soul makes…love dialectical


Poet of the Light © 2022

17 thoughts on “Master recipe  

  1. “Some of us feel torn in two directions…” And it gets more so with each loss of a loved one. So many I love have passed beyond the veil and I miss them every day. I’m not a religious person, but hold out hope that one day, I’ll see them again.
    Lovely poem…

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  2. Wow this was so beautifully written. Losing a loved one can be incredibly painful and like you said we feel torn between wanting to be with them and remaining with the ones we love here.

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