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Where Eagles glide on faith  

Where sunrays are prismatic

Where raindrops are quenching

Where snowflakes are distinctive

Where poppy fields never die

Where lush grasses cover mountainsides

Where dreams stretch higher

Where children swing on laughter’s

Where all chasms are bridged

Where the sun meets its shadows  

Where lakes are a truly reflective

Where sandy beaches are inviting

Where rivers of truth flow forever

Where a casting moon showers     

Where lost hearts rediscover love

Where tears are replaced by smiles

Where gentle hands are caring

Where fingertips are for painting  

Where trees sway in endless breezes

Where sadness drift away like tumbleweeds

Where our cherished memories are relived

Where wrongs are only futile                                     

Where rights are what’s normal

Where nothing remains the same, continually   

Where grief becomes suspended

Where death of all life is abated  

Where every day’s go on and on

Where you have gone… I will follow’  


Poet of the Light © 2021

a/k/a Daddy…


8 thoughts on “Growth  

  1. Dear Poet of the Light,

    What a transcendental vision you have established in and via your latest poem! Keep up the good work!

    I am delighted that you have commenced your poem with “Where Eagles glide on faith”. Some might even exclaim, “I Wish That I Were An Eagle!” For the majestic bird is indeed very inspiring and taps into our desire to soar freely above our earthly existence and daily grinds.

    Therefore, you are cordially invited to come and fly alongside SoundEagle in the following special post that can resonate with the (embodied, corporeal and/or transcendental) being and feeling of soaring like an eagle, whether symbolically, intellectually, aesthetically or spiritually:

    This said post has very recently been improved and expanded further. It is a very good example of cross-disciplinary fertilization and experimentation involving the following domains: Animation, Art, Creative Writing, Graphics, Meditation, Music, Music Animation, Musical Composition, Poetry, Psychology, Spirituality and Video. Please enjoy!

    In keeping with the tenet and title of your post and poem, may there always be Growth in us symbolically, intellectually, aesthetically or spiritually.

    Yours sincerely,

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