I’m reminded of the times

You pulled me from darkness

Where life left me stranded

Steeped in unknown fringes  

You reflected a strength

That I once herald myself

Before the scars I bare now

And long before your birth

I still recall our conversations

Where you inspired me onward

Hugged hope back into my heart

Wiped away my fallen tears                              

Modeling unconditional love

That separates us… for now


Poet of the Light © 2021  


11 thoughts on “Detoured

      1. I am so so sorry 💜I cannot imagine. It’s incredible the way you are writing about her and loving her. I believe that the spirit is eternal…I have had more experiences than I can count with others who have passed and my own spirit. If you don’t mind sharing what is your daughters name. If it’s none of my business incompletely understand. Your words about her are beautiful- the pain is immeasurable I am sure. Please keep writing as this is how she comes through you ❤️💜❤️

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