December creeps closer

Evermore now and then

I’ll get lost until I’m not

By the smell of memories

That cut right through me

Like crips icy cold winds

Even when lying in bed

I realize I’m dreaming

In my visualized prayers

Dancing inside my head

Just you and I laughing

In unrestrained volumes  

Like when you were a kid

But the bluntness of reality

Still shrouds darkly over me

Such an insensitive spoiler

Nonetheless- moved inside

And my tears need no excuses

To fall whenever they want to

And I stopped wiping them

As they clung to my essence

I need to feel them slide off

Just like sweet drops of hope

My heart whispers in silence

That it won’t feel like forever  

Before you and I are reunited

Living even more memories

With all our lost loved ones

That welcomed you in… heaven  

Poet of the Light © 2021


12 thoughts on “Microcosmic  

  1. Beautifully written…words of sadness and hope. I’m not a religious person, but I do believe that someday, you will be with your daughter again, that we will all be with our loved ones who have passed on once again. It might not be as we envision it, but it will be. 💙

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