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I’m steeped in pure triage

My mind racing nowhere

My heart dragging behind

Like some fatuous stranger

I see life through a prism

That’s a shattered cloud

Pulled in every direction

Except the one I need now     

Most of me wants to flee

But there’s nowhere to go

I could run in blind circles

Knowing that path so well     

Only to end up back to here

A storm’s vulnerable… center


Poet of the Light © 2021


8 thoughts on “Exposed    

  1. There’s no escape when the storm is within ourselves. The only thing that brings some relief is the passage of time. I lost my first husband about 20 years ago to suicide, and it was a slow go to get to a place it wasn’t with me every moment of every day, a crushing weight I couldn’t get out from under. But eventually, the pain lessened. It will get getter, Rick. 💙

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