This perpetual pathway of bygones

I’ve never viewed it as courageous

At times it comes to mind as lifelong

In part, why would I, it’s unwanted

To have what is so sacred- shattered  

Loving and caring so intensely deep

About those that may not reciprocate

Then to have it all abruptly disturbed

As if tripped over unseen suffrage itself    

Feeling violated, stripped of all dignity

Stumbling blindly in a wicked darkness    

Left in some nearly abandoned reality

Appearing to come to terms with change

Of my losses and new inner brokenness

Wearing a pejorative as “one of them”

That only adds to an unearned shame  

Then drenched in cursory of platitudes

Others say to alleviate their obligation

Defying all their micro cues cold truth  

That oft seem to deepen a pains coulee

As I crawl silently past life’s finalities

One grey clutched fist of dust at a time

I thirst for an understanding and relief

Lord, when will we speak…Cor ad Cor?  


Poet of the Light © 2021


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