Where- do I run away to now?

My known safe haven- is gone

We’ve been each other’s North’s

Beaming bright despite distance

But never better, when together

My heart lost- entangled in itself  

Like an obscure slow drifting fog

Subjugated to any wispy current

I am blind and stars don’t speak

Not to my heart or its inner pain       

I pray heaven bestows me mercy    

For not having courage nor notion

To utter thee any farewell by me                      

Letting go is too much… already


Love Daddy,

a/k/a Poet of the Light © 2021


23 thoughts on “Designated

  1. I thought you were writing of romantic love until the last line…ah, that was a killer.
    I’ve seen it often–a couple separates, and so many, many times the children separate as well, gravitating to one parent or the other, and in nearly all cases, it’s the father that suffers. It shouldn’t be that way.
    I know some of your poems originate from personal experience, and some do not; If it’s the former, I hope you find peace with it.

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