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Sometimes looking into a mirror

Is scarier than who looks back

In the fog of love, hope believes

I’m not into drawn out goodbyes  

But I’m accepting everything- us

Has become our everything wrong

I assure you, it’s not easy at all

You do deserve a very happy life

But my darling, I know I do too

So, I’m honestly looking forward

By letting go of the past and you

Without having to fight each other

We’ve done more than enough of that

It’s time we go and live love… right  


Poet of the Light © 2021


11 thoughts on “Decouple

  1. The loss of a love is as a daggar to the heart,but the further you venture from the sharpness of the loss the sooner your heart is repaired and made whole. There is such a sadness to your writing that comes across so fluently as only a true poet can express. Be Blessed Always.

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