Beyond seasons

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April rainy showers came early

The sun always seemed absent

Yet, the grass and flowers grew

But a love I had, I let slip away


I stumbled throughout my days

Thinking only about November

All the fun in snowy mountains

I could still feel on my fingertips


Some seasons never seem to change

And some never seem to go away

But love is much more than a season

Once your heart moves into forever


I’ll secretly love that loss girl forever

And her real name was … November


Poet of the Light © 2021

15 thoughts on “Beyond seasons

      1. As a poet, I know others sometimes take away a different meaning than what I feel and am trying to convey as I write a poem. I’m sure you know that what the reader is going through at the time colors how they interpret a poem, and that’s the beauty of it—we personify poetry.
        Makes me smile that I “got it.” 🙂

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      2. Yes, I agree. I often accept what others read from my works and examine their interpretations but remain honest when someone is more on target. Many believe the sadder ones are attributed to present time but they’d be wrong most of the time,

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      3. Well, I’m glad most of the sadness stems from your past. One blogger I follow here continues to wallow in misery of a lost love to the point of obsession…can’t seem to move past it. I feel for them, and have urged them to leave the past in the past, but it falls on deaf ears. I read somewhere—and this is attributed to Abraham Lincoln—that one is about as happy in life as they make up their mind to be. I think that’s pretty much true.

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      4. Well, I can’t argue with you on this…I see your point. Poverty and ill health/disabilities can certainly take away from the quality of one’s life and one’s happiness. But I’ve seen some people in those kinds of situations have a positive outlook on life, and others that have good health, material wealth, and a loving circle of relatives and friends who are miserable.
        As for myself, I’ve never been what one would call happy—for long. I think poor relationship choices have been my downfall, enough so that I’ve given up in that area. I would be satisfied if I could just find peace.

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      5. I can understand that in reference to relationships. I’ve also evaded any form of roamce. I also beleive I’ve found an acceptable level of peace and yet I remain optimistic about love. I stopped punishing myself over susposed poor choices in relationships with others. I refuse to carry their guilt for breaching my trust and faith in their words.

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      6. My trust and faith was breached more than once as well, along with two vows to “cherish” me. No optimism here that another stroll down love’s path would yield better results. But I wish you the upmost best in that department, Neil.

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