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We spent time in long conversations

Talking about our unfulfilled dreams

And how wonderful- it would really be

Having someone want the same things

Now you doubt what I say, I think  

If my words- aren’t heard in kind

Then how can the feelings behind,

Their every whisper, be felt inside?

I just don’t understand why today

You say, the two of us is a mistake

It feels so strange- in this moment

To even being talking in this way    

I mean what I say, and what I do   

You go your way … I’ll go mine too


Poet of the Light © 2021


9 thoughts on “Contradictions  

  1. Contradiction indeed…the last couplet betray a reluctant resignation but that’s how things are in unrequited love… Yet a heart with so much love will always find an equally giving heart to love again. Beautiful!

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