Storm rider

Photo by Anastasia Shuraeva on

I’m still here- somewhat

With all the broken shards and pieces

Cleaning up messes from faux love

Ones that guilt us into raw submissions

Each time it passes through our hearts

Mostly the dark ones, that allure us in

With their cunning narcissistic words

Dressed seductively as caring accidents

But really spotted us far off as targets

Veiling all those most obvious red flags  

Most of the time a new storm often came

Before we finished cleaning up from the last

Or healed from our tender unseen wounds

Or maybe, it twas ones even before that

It seemed as if it was just a changed face

Cause hard as we’ve tried, we didn’t recognize

And some storms tend to linger on for days

Nonetheless, our hearts and us tread onward

In this humanistic journey we call- life

Me: I’m wiser; not living out of a storm cellar

Unarmed, I wear enough scars to be … invincible


Poet of the Light © 2021


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