I recall the many of nights

When all I had to talk to was

A silent moon listening attentively

While all the stars were absence

And I sat in a blanket of fogginess  

I spoke, brokenly of my heartaches

And at dawns rise, the moon and I

Parted… drenched in dewy drops


Poet of the Light © 2021  


20 thoughts on “Recollections

  1. Impeccable work! You make melancholy seem joyful (atleast for me). The moon, the wind, the sky, they’re all so therapeutic… The dew drop symbolises a fresh new beginning. Wonderful work, friend! 👍

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  2. This is beautiful in its quiet intimacy. It’s strange how I haven’t been seeing any of your new posts on my feed, but here they are! Seems like WP’s misbehaving again.
    Hope you’re doing well, Poet!

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      1. Haha. Hopefully it’ll sort out soon. I’m still following you though. Have turned on site notifications here so I don’t miss reading new posts. I’ve been well. Thank you. Take care.

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