Out casted

Photo by Cole Keister on Pexels.com

You were like that North fork

Of my heart’s river, wild and free

True clarity that refreshed me

My motivating power in life itself

A continuum of promises to flow

Serving as my sense of direction

Reminding me, where I came from

But now, I find myself, pooled here

Carelessly down an uncharted branch

That headed off to, “I don’t care”

Like some dried up leaf, left stranded

Stuck on some drying clump of mud

That nature and time has forgotten  

It seems a number of queer branches

Feed into and out of this odd place

Now and again, or when it storms  

Problem is, nothing is familiar

And frankly speaking, neither am I  

As I stare blankly at my own reflection

My mind full of questions, but no answers

I am out of my depth going no where

But all I care to think of is you… elsewhere


Poet of the Light © 2021


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