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Ignorance is a bliss we squander

Far too easily every day we are naïve

While it last, we boastfully own freedom

But over time and from painful lessons

As bubbles burst, and hearts- broken

We advance into that fuller knowledge

Crossing that unseen threshold

With strange and our learned friends  

How misused our love has become

Only to steep even further in depths

Reaching the scholarly peripherals

Realizing we- ourselves are a commodity

And just as complicit in horse trading

Our battle born hearts for … sold slavery

Poet of the Light © 2021


3 thoughts on “Transactional

  1. So true ignorance is bliss. Well done. It amazes me how we convince ourselves we are not culpable as a nation for all sorts of things. I have made a rule not to talk politics with friends and I stick to that rule. Great piece. 🤗Joni

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      1. I find it is safer and easier to keep friends or acquaintances that way. I am confident in my own beliefs but am open enough to listen but I don’t engage often especially when I know based on what I have already heard a person say that our politics and beliefs are totally different.
        🤗 Joni


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