Its queer how directions are altered 
By the slightest pressure or presence 
Accidental or by nefarious intentions
Still, a new trajectory begs the questions 
Is it for the worser or for ones bettering? 
How far is too far, if permissible at all?  

Then there are thresholds I cannot cross
Some by my own choice of conscious 
While others, remain caused by a cause
Beyond my own feeble understandment 
I can’t speak of or put into real words 
Some things are better left- discolored  

Between the ever-changing spectrum 
Of societies moral and immoral beliefs 
I have strayed guilty and just innocently 
Childish heart over-ruling the elder mind
Lesson learned from pain filled failings 
And some, not of my own personal doing 
But evermore present in spirit and scars 
But then- there are those thresholds
That just refuse to leave me- alone 
As if they are reluctant friends, sort of 
In the way a second shadow shows up
But really wanting to be totally free
Of any responsibility for the beset… me  

Poet of the Light © 2021 


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