Photo by Jonas Togo on Pexels.com
Stepping off to myself and heaven 
Beneath clouds, birds, and sunrays 
I can’t begin to count the times
I’d stop- in a bewildering pause 
Feeling tired and certainly lost 
Trying to understand, what I didn’t
About what was so complicated 
And seemingly looming at hand
About what was really going on
While I- myself felt nearly off  
I’d find myself so far from my plans
I nearly forgot, just- what they were
Almost as if they were someone else’s  
Without comprehending- as to why 
And in these times, my head bowed 
As I would simply ask aloud 
What was I doing- so wrong? 
Oft, I’d feel the whisper of the breezes 
Respond by caressing me gently 
Like unseen angelic wings 
Embracing the whole of my smallness 
While silently saying to me … hold on 

Poet of the Light © 2021 


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