Opportunity cost

We only miss what matters  
In our life, minds, and hearts 
You knew that when you were here
Almost as if it was your mission 
How I wish I would have listened 
Sometimes I stand amazed 
Beneath the warming sun- rays 
As ocean ripples crash silently 
On shores I’ll never see or reach 
I’m feeling something deep within
Emptiness stays where love touched 
A place I don’t think I even own 
But somehow- I’ve come to know 
I’m realizing just how much I- miss
Those little moments with you 
And all those little things you done
In fashionable ways only you owned 
They brought smiles to me each day
Made a difference most of us overlook 
Misuse of living in the wrong moment   
Now I know, I don’t have a right
To feel so sadly unfulfilled in my life
But life is feeling a little less lived … now 

Poet of the Light © 2021 

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