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I am mortally beset- 
By merely my own frail human boundaries
However, God has granted me imagination
And hallowed love embedded in my soul 
In which- I can at times, transient beyond 
All those limitations; letting my heart drive 
As I am sure, somehow, know where to go 
Excel faster than light right up to the heavens  
As it wholeheartedly seeks to reconnect
To loved ones and days foolishly lost to time 
To hear their voices, feel again their touches
To embrace those awfully missed hugs 
To once again see the light of life, in their eyes
To be kissed by their lips, oh how I’d quiver!
To taste their divine tears as I kissed their cheeks
To hear their laughter roar like a summer thunder 
To be bestowed love and imagination … I am blessed 

Poet of the Light © 2021  

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