As warm swirls of a breeze caress me 
Oh, my love, judge me not so harsh 
I felt the essences of your esoteric being   
Skip and slip over these ocean waves
In the form of light happily dancing
Your distorted mirror image of grace 
So much so even my soul- quivered  
And truth be told, its realness: scary  
Suddenness fully embraced all I am 
So- I stepped back from the sandy shore
Back into this forgotten lava land 
As I clung to but my fragments of hope 
That life and others had failed to steal  
Avoiding the temptation of swimming 
Beyond my heart’s own capabilities 
Just to rush all that’s love is meant to be 
For surely, I would have eagerly surrendered 
All of me even to, the reflecting arms …of you 

Poet of the Light © 2021 


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