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I earned unwittingly, a PhD in heartbreak 
Having been a veteran of loves battles 
The triumphs that befell to unseen loses 
I carry many of scars deep within my soul 
Not all memories are pleasant, to say the least
However, many are held close to my heart 
I still love everyone I ever have before; 
And honestly asking, how could I not? 
It’s simply in the spirit of who I wish to be 
The level of degrees has receded somewhat
Like dry season’s do to fresh riverbanks 
At times I tease myself with those “what if’s” 
Just my way of imagining while I surrender 
Our love lasted as long as one could expect  
When you are the vessel; they, the currents  
Like time, they became lost from my present 
And like time, I know they’ll never return 
Reasoning, you can’t touch the same water twice 
But as for some, once was more than enough  
Albeit many of lessons I could have done without
There was no other way for me to be … elucidated  
Poet of the Light © 2021


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