Photo by Min An on Pexels.com

Like I know the back of my hand
I know more my palm’s significance 
Not only its core value and works 
But also, what does and doesn’t fit
Strictly speaking outside loves duty 
Albeit- many of times “close as it gets”
Seemed to be a one size fits all theme
But deep inside I knew silently better
Missing more with each passing day
Dissension was like a hidden plague  
Until I had to openly admit, honestly
Perfunctory; my overly burdened yoke 
Close was simply a bridge too far to go
Twas better integrity burn that bridge
Endure the reality of ashes and smoke  
Even if I was scorched myself in the end 
My palm lacked that true customize fit 
That true love bestows our human hearts
That- counterbalance to all of life’s strife
That smile found in background of a mirror 
And unquestionably all the same etiquette
That secretly awaits in my hands palm 
Psalms- my heart signs out rhythmically
As my soul embraces all it will ever need  
Love-  which my palm still itches … to gift       

Poet of the Light © 2021 


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