Like two forgotten fragments of the universe:     
Sometimes, life is just lacking- in realness
A missed voice, touch, or innocent kisses 
Needing more than a memory worth of infusion 
And so, when we indulge out of selfishness 
We embrace the falsity of a strange kindness
That we gift to ourselves, through others 
Tagging along childishly with the night of stars 
Whilst the moon displays her romantic melody
Quickly captivating our sense of human desire  
She had seen me, for what I too seen in her 
We both knew to seize opportune moment
Share of ourselves openly without reservation 
For now, they’ve become so sparse with time  
Twas merely an excused infatuation in motion
That we had chosen to surrender to passion 
Knowing all too well, laughter would become
A fleeting sound of echoes off in a far distance
Our talk of love, merely overspent currency  
And morning’s dawn would rebreak our hearts
Returning us back to an unwanted reality 
Diverging from one another’s arms and life
The way night and morning do so … naturally 

Poet of the Light © 2021 

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