I know there were times I hurt you
With little things I said and done
Wandering in my immature actions
But it really wasn’t- my intensions
I was only playing, and having fun
Never realizing the hurt I was causing
Someone I claimed to forever love
A broken promise of words in the works
Oh, my deeds were running too deep
And fracturing all that I ever loved 
Making me a keen poet of your heartaches
I never saw- breaking into tiny crevasses
Failure to plan, is a simple plan that fails
And I failed you unknowingly from the get go 
But baby, baby I know there were times
When your hearts joy caused tears to run
Down your face toward your captivating smile
And you’d pull me close with a tight hug
Loving on me like a heavenly micro-storm
Oh baby! You were showing me your love
Making me feel like- I was your only sun
Wrapped up inside your hearts universe
Safe and content while being just plain dumb
Oh baby! How I miss those times now
More than anyone could ever understand
And most times in my nightly fantasies
I can hear your voice, softly whispering
My name in a way- that only you can 
And I wait evermore to feel your touch
Cry a little drop of your rain on me again
Light me up once more with your love
Like no one has ever done, before or since
Gasping I open my eyes cause I can’t breathe
Only to wake and discover, baby it was only me
Chasing after wisps of you in my memory
Realizing I’m beset in luminous of … poetic agony

Poet of the Light © 2021


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