Intrinsic motivation

Wafts of air circulate the darkness
As the pattering of rain dance above 
In the midnight hours of fogginess 
His convoluted mind actively strays 
Signature scent of her delicate skin lingers 
Like a shadow, ever present in his presence  
Refusing to relinquish his stolen attention 
Like a spoiled child demanding- more
As his nimble fingertips could still feel 
Warmth of her silky surface, radiating
Despite hours having passed her departure 
She- a newfound vice was clutching, him 
His heart maintained an odd quicken pace 
Between eagerness and fear filled anxiety 
Echoing on the fringes of wild insecurity 
Vividness taunted his inner most hunger 
As he was beginning to lose all control of 
Like an addict; itching to relive those moments
Bit by bit, of each other’s lively flavors 
Within a fiery torrent of unbridle passion 
Drenched in sweat and damp ruffled sheets 
Of which, there was no other cure for 
If only she was more than … his conjured dream!

Poet of the Light © 2021 

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