Plight or plague

  Thoughts of you-  probe  
 Staring at the watery cover  
 Intersperse light, glimmers  
 I get mesmerized in my mind  
 Reflections, pictures then questions   
 They rush over me in like waves  
 Rise from inside to the surface
 Like bubbles escaping- bursting   
 But all I can seem to surmise is  
 Everyday, it appears to me  
 I have slipped further away
 From a lost islands shoreline  
 From something and nothing
 Assuming that is ever possible  
 But have I- really slipped so far;
 Past that point of no return?
 Unknowingly breached a threshold?
 If so- has love as I once knew it;
 As I still need it- for me, now over?  
 Like a fallen angel come homeless  
 I need the way back where love is  
 Back over that hidden demarcation  
 Back into warm awaiting arms
 Of someone- I’d be afraid to lose
 A love I know I’ll quickly drown in
 Drunk on everything we’d be together   
 We’ll hide away down at the bottom
 So we’ll never be found or bothered
 If you’ll save me there… I’ll save you  
 Poet of the Light © 2020  

14 thoughts on “Plight or plague

      1. Ok, And? Perhaps, you’re reading more into the lines than is written, my friend? I agree, we should remain optimistic in our lives at all times.
        The poem is about someone questioning themself, about if they have simple become too complacent with the void in their life, to recognize and fall in love all over again.

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      2. ok… I was left feeling like that someone concluded that (s)he was unlikely to fall in love again… that made me feel sad, and my reaction was, “No, no! You should believe in your potential for happiness!”

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  1. Love this.
    I believe there can be moments and chapters in life where people stay closed off – even unknowingly, however the warmth of love is out there – it’ll bring the light to dark and heat up the cold. Keep your eyes open but don’t look to far ahead to find it – as no matter what or how long it takes – it will find you. x

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