My great

 A scarlet laced amberoid crashes  
 Off the edge of a watery horizon
 Leaving me feel ignored once more  
 So I slip through a drunken night fog
 As it creeps over a sleepless city  
 In my wingless flight of thoughts
 Evading foul weather in my course 
  Homeless and bound to nowhere
 Yet, I’ll sail on whispers galore
 Some be pleads, some are prayers 
 But from time to time- I’ll just perch 
 Long enough to rest and observe  
 All the oddities that surround me  
 They’ll only entertain me for so long  
 Till I get the need again, to move on
 In flight, in search for that one place
My thoughts will nest in … their home  
Poet of the Light © 2020  

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