Midnight madness revolutions
 Dancing on sadness in a song  
 Swooping into transformation  
 Someplace I really don’t belong   
 I’m the teardrops you never saw
 I’m the future you let go- of
 I’m the results of my love for you
 I became what you couldn’t use  
 You’re a dream that disappeared  
 Off into some cosmic thin air  
 I really believed you were real
 Until I fell, from even myself  
 Tossing and turning every night  
 All I do to survive you is fight… life  
 Poet of the Light © 2020  

16 thoughts on “Causality

  1. Exellent Poem clear and concise! Indeed Life isn’t easy. Sometimes one can relax and drift with the tide while at other times one must swim upstream like a salmon at the end of their life span. It takes wisdom and experience to know when to drift when to fight. ⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘

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