I want that type of relationship
 That dead grips my hand to jump
 Which inspires me to strip normal  
 And then splits itself wide- open
 Like a fresh ripen Georgia peach  
 So I can dive into it all head first  
 Degust all it’s hidden flavoring  
 Recklessly, down in the nitty gritty
 Where scars earn the legends  
 Or remain a mystery left untold
 And crawling is the only way out
 Each passing year is a lifetime lived  
 Throwing all caution to the wind
 Ignoring every second thought
 Plunging into the very deep of it
 Where real people get all messy
 And languish to get even dirtier  
 Where my only real consequence  
 Came from not having courage  
 To seize my opportunities sooner
 And simply love… unapologetically 
 Poet of the Light © 2020

16 thoughts on “Defiantly

      1. Lol! Yes, I totally agree.. Perhaps I’ll have to sail with Clipper. For I’m very sure you’re at the edge of this universe!!! The waters will be rough , and I can’t possibly get ’em postcards wet now can I?? 😂😋

        Liked by 1 person

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