Out of sight, out of mind

 I’ll break free behind neon clouds
 When I know you’re not looking
 Not that you’d notice it anyhow  
 He’s really what you’ve wanted  
 But you ain’t getting anything  
 Left to the dark of your own heart  
 And you’re stranded- in between
 Your dreams and today’s reality  
 I know, I’m just the fools moon  
 You talk to when you feel alone  
 If you feel like far away company  
 It seems safer for you that way
 You really need to finally move on  
 And stop pretending that you have  
 You’re just a silly phase my heart
 Is mysteriously gotten locked onto  
 Before every new red dawn comes  
 And you’re back to wanting him
 Until I’ve become new and whole  
 I’ll go on being… your forgotten  
 Poet of the Light © 2020

15 thoughts on “Out of sight, out of mind

    1. Thank you and I believe the need for an apostrophe is disputed y the elite scholars. Cambridge and Oxford dictionaries list only list [fools] for plural of the noun fool. This may be why my seperate English and French Word programs keep correcting each other’s spelling and grammar however I agree with your premise.


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