Drunken sorrow

 I’m all but gone, theoretically  
 It sunk in, ever so slowly  
 I thought I had a chance
 With you, at something more
 Something brand new
 We both said we’re looking for
 After all this time, of waiting
 But you weren’t really listening
 To anything I said I needed      
 But truth be told I was wrong  
 You were hedging your bets  
 So it seems I can’t compete  
 With something, I’m not
 I wasn't at all desperate 
 Just simply me, trusting my faith
 I told you the truth, exposed myself
 Let you inside my silence
 And now, there no music playing   
 So let the chips fall- where they may
 I’ve foolishly discovered
 I wasn’t in the game, after all  
 Ignoring me, turn silent  
 Surprise, surprise, the surprise is on me
 There no room in your life, in reality  
 When there no room in your mind
 For something, so different, so strange
 Like the failings you’ve lived  
 Trying to make normal but couldn’t  
 Even failed hero’s cry  
 Lose my number, lose my face
 Lose my name, give me the blame
 And leave me, where I’ve always been
 Far from the chance of romance  
 In your arms, your heart, your whispers  
 I’m just a gift- that's unneeded
 Until you’re lonely or feeling jaded  
 Had there been a chance, we’d be having  
 A different conversation… face to face  
Poet of the Light © 2020  

15 thoughts on “Drunken sorrow

  1. “I’m just a gift- that’s unneeded”…. Yeah right, wait till Ben reads this. LOL.
    But just love the flow of words…and how beautifully sombre the atmosphere becomes…
    Stay blessed 💐❤️

    Liked by 3 people

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