You were standing here  
 Right in front of me
 As close as a shadow 
 Those alluring eyes, whispering
 And I- was worshiping
 Everything that was you   
 I know- it may sound foolish  
 To those, who don’t understand
 How it feels to love you  
 In the ways that I do
 In the moments
 In my plans
 On a dark-side of truth  
 I know, I never meant a thing
 But to me you were, everything
 And I was willing to live it
 Long enough to change your mind
 I thought you'd need me in time
 But darling, I can see now clearly
 After all my tears have dried 
 It will never happen in this life  
 And it's going to take me  
 Another lifetime to heal, if ever 
 Feeling so close and yet  
 Too far from a lovers touch  
 To see it become real  
 Where do I go from here  
 When my bottom was my high  
 What lie can I tell my heart
 And trust I’ll believe myself anymore  
 So close, so close my love
 So close and yet… so far 

 Poet of the Light © 2020  

22 thoughts on “Preferences

      1. I’m sorry, I just caught my typo. What I meant to say was, We should love ourselves away from each other in the same manner those people fell into love… slowly and honestly until kindness made separation possible.

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      2. I make so many typos as you may have noticed.. thanks for clarifying… and yes kindness in a way shows a tenderness of heart that so often gets lost in the complex jumble of hurt feelings.. its an acknowledgement of each other’s separateness I believe and right to their unique life path.

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