Déjà vécu

  I’ve been here before  
 Pivotal points of a heart 
 That euphoric slippery slope 
 That fine line threshold
 Helplessly teeter tottering
 Between cravings and desire
 More times than I can count
 Times when I was beset  
 By raging emotions of youth
 That period of inexperience
 Conflating mere fondness
 With wild idealist dreams
 That burned into smoldering ashes  
 Not understanding the difference  
 Those battles between fire and water  
 Getting caught up in my turbulence
 That lack of controlled passion
 For what matters best- a heart   
 But, I’ve matured since  
 In more fluent ways than one   
 And I resisted temptation  
 When I seen, yours leaning   
 Ever compelling closer to me  
 Snubbing my younger fire of self  
 I will even so much as admit   
 In fact I repelled you a bit  
 Dampened the reality at hand
 Because, in matters of love
 Everything- matters to me
 Lust never bequeaths- love  
 So if you metamorphosed  
 Into a beautiful fleeting butterfly
 Never to to be seen again  
 Then I’d know immediately
 You’re not what’s best for my heart
 But were just a hearted dream, at most
 And I’m still asleep in my life… alone  
 Poet of the Light © 2020  

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