On most complicated days  
 I’m easy, in a good way  
 Don’t have time to play games  
 I’m a simple man  
 With a reckless heart
 That follows loves path  
 Wherever it may go
 Even if it gets, burned again  
 But one thing is for sure
 I’ve been hurt  
 More times than I can count
 Or I can love, with a love
 That last forever and a day
 Only takes time, to find out  
 But what I can’t do  
 Is use love or you  
 The way others know how to
 And then forget your name 
 I know how to own my mistakes
 I’ve cried, with the best of them     
 I’m a simple dreamer  
 Who wants a simple love  
 To live a simple life  
 With someone, who feels right  
 Between bad and good 
 Mischief and pinch of Hollywood
 With a soft and firm heart  
 But doesn’t mind at all  
 If we fall in a world of love  
 Whatever that looks like  
 Maybe float out on the lake  
 Sing happy foolish songs  
 When the moon comes out
 With nothing to do  
 Except find a few
 Of whispered- I love you’s
 Written in the stars
 Eons and eons ago by someone   
 Or simply lay
 In one another arms  
 Drifting on the waterscape
 Until the morning sun  
 Wakes us up late in the afternoon
 Wouldn’t matter to anyone  
 As long as our love story  
 Is written by us… and a simple one  
  Poet of the Light © 2020  

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