It was beyond a kiss in nakedness
 He saw his beloved, with- him
 They were his two best of friends  
 And in a split moment, lost both
 He became unmoved, speechless
 Frozen to a reality he didn’t want
 His heart may have even stopped
 For however brief, or ever altered   
 The excruciating damage done
 Just left unfinished for another day
 Life seemed oblique after that  
 Tones of voices became muttered  
 Colors less satin or less attractive  
 Flowers lost their aroma and hues  
 The sunshine felt colder, overused  
 And the moon, he ignored completely  
 Days became weeks until they all
 Became years of mere silent echoes
 His boat was slowly rotting away  
 After years of leaving it to neglect
 He finally decided to sink it in place  
 As he walked on the dangerous pier
 One side gave way, shifting his balance
 And into the wintry water he plunged  
 Fear gripped his thoughts long enough
 For his instinct to pull him to shore  
 He shivered in the cold air as that boat
 Drifted away in a bittersweet of silence
 That was the boat he had proposed on
 But could never bring himself to use
 After that traumatic day years earlier  
 His body temperature slowly rose as he  
 Stood sure footed on a sandy shoreline
 When his eyes broke and those long  
 Awaiting tears finally fell off his face
 He choked a few time as new sun-rays  
 Warmed and slowly dried his wet essence
 Before he gently lowered to his knees
 And realized it was time… to move on.  
 Poet of the Light © 2020   

14 thoughts on “Happenstances

  1. You’re good at this whole “emotions” thing. I think I need a shot of whiskey now, after reading this piece…

    I’m really glad the main character chose to move on. I was getting worried about him.


    After year[s] of leaving it be neglected

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