Moon shadows

 Here I am, recovering  
 At a slow pace, inside of me
 Between the dark shades  
 Of foolishness and shame  
 Far from your cutting words
 Out of your reach forever   
 Oh girl, you really hurt me
 Down deep inside of my soul  
 You’ll never know- just how bad
 Cause I’m never taking you back
 And these scars will remind me   
 Sometimes, the pain wins
 And I hide behind the lie, I’m fine  
 When I’m crumbling again
 Right there center of my heart
 Where your silhouette chases  
 After my inner feelings    
 And withdrawal of your touch, haunts
 The darker corners of my mind   
 Where I let you pretend, to love me
 More than I did, to myself  
 But those days are long over  
 Its only nights I have… trouble with  
 Poet of the Light © 2020  

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