Such a vessel to slip fluidly with  
 As if beckoning just my name  
 Oh, her frame narrow and sleek
 Exquisite even from a distance  
 As my keen eyes enjoy the view
 All my senses teased all at once  
 Calmly captain her out of a slip
 Brings a sudden sweat to my brow  
 Her near shear sails are taught  
 In all the right places and seams
 Look as if they’re overburdened  
 A lower lush cabin holds treasures
 Exploring calm or choppy waters
Imaging a ride on her, is so erotic  
 As scenes of splashing up and down  
 Vividly play out- within my mind
 I'm spellbound instantly in a place   
 My heart can almost know each fall
 Spindrift is cast aside sporadically  
 I can almost feel gusting breathes
 Traveling over those waves in my face
 The warmth heats up my whole body
 From the glowing ambiance, at hand
 Yes- to wield the wheel in my fingers  
 To steer her off, to other uncharted lands
 Plunging forth into fresh broken waters  
 Never before known or even discovered  
 Breathless daydream… in anyone's reality  
 Poet of the Light © 2020   

11 thoughts on “Clipper

  1. OK now stop… Or I’ll have to cross unchartered waters to get to you. 😂
    Unbelievable. What is Titanic now, after Clipper came to life.
    You are the Poet of Waters too isn’t it. Tomorrow you will be Poet of the Land as well! Fine. You’re Poet of the Universe. Amen 🙏❤️😊💐

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