Photo by Cole Keister on Pexels.com
 Nearly heartbroken  
 I fall aimlessly  
 In a silence unnoticeably    
 Somehow I slip away  
 From my dreams in my sleep  
 Can’t find a way to stay
 Long enough to remain, there
 But baby, if I could 
 My heart knows I would  
 Like a midnight thief  
 And like a leaf
 Like a boy
 Like a toy boat 
 Like a memory fading   
 Upon river I’m whisked on
 To somewhere- I don’t wanna be
 Someplace love is absent
 Someplace I’m not meant to be   
 And I can’t help wonder, does sleep  
 Simulate our heaven, where we’re going?
With overflowing tears in my eyes  
 Somehow I slip away  
 From my dreams… with you  
 Poet of the Light © 2020 

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