The one


 It can feel the painful seat  
 Coming here, to sit on this bench
 Where first you and I met  
 Just as fall, was beginning to fall  
 We joked with each other to hide  
 Our secret and inner brokenness  
 From the world of strangers
 Afraid of being seen, rejected  
  As the time spilled by unnoticed  
 We grew familiar and comfortable
 Like months had passed in those hours
 Laughter disarmed all our guards  
 But somehow, as if magically  
 You seen clear through me
 Into my raw and shattered heart
 You smiled, shedding a tear  
 It was in that moment I recall
 I saw yours, my lips quivered  
 I couldn’t dare utter the words
 How beautiful you were, to me
 Our regrets and fears suddenly fell  
 Like the dried leaves from trees
 You stood up to embrace me, kiss   
 At the same time I had wished it  
  Oh- if, if I- had only known  
 As you left, and looked back  
 That I should’ve been braver
 And chased after you back then  
 Would I still be carry that one regret  
 Of letting love slip away so easily  
(sporadic snowflakes begin to fall about) 
 In my heart, to here everyday ... since?  
 Poet of the Light © 2020  

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