Upon a summer day eons ago
While bathing in knee deep waters
I stood in my naked presence
As watery drops trickled off my skin  
Becoming mesmerized at the surface
The image of a womanly projection
Shimmering, smiling and speaking
As the waves revealed her whispers
They reverberated deep into my soul
Where I felt her presence in me
Like an inside humanly shadow 
Bestowing a heavenly touch sensation  
Chills rippled up my spine like vines 
I was spellbound in the moments
That teetered on a euphoria 
My inhibitions laid to waste 
In a compelling fashion and
Defying all logic and wisdom   
I place my secrets and dreams 
Of my scarred heart and mind
Inside the tiny bubbles of ripples
Before they left onbound in waves 
And in a sudden whoosh! the ocean
Shivered back and fro to the horizon 
My nude essence remained drying 
As I watch a remarkable fleeting wave 
Rise in haste above the watery cover
And set course far beyond my eyes  
Until it was absorbed by time or life 
Or fell off the distant horizontal plane 
Her enchanting words, still as fresh 
As my childish imagination- smiling  
Assured a response would arrive... some day

 Poet of the Light © 2020 

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