She’s in love
 Her heart has been moved
 Now she wakes up
 Smiling like a blooming rose  
 Life is finally feeling right  
 And when she dreams at night  
 She leaves her past behind
 Cause she’s in love  
 Her loneliness has faded
 Along with her mistakes
 Her broken heart is healing  
 And she understands everything  
 Like what love is and ain’t     
 Cause she’s in love  
 Glowing like a moon  
 Moving, like grace on Sundays
 And her sparkling eyes
 Are like diamonds on fire
 Only heaven could’ve made her  
 Her warm embraces  
 Can cure the soul's hurts  
 Cause she’s in love  
 With a new and true eternity
 And nothing can take her away
 Lips like a pure angel
 Voice like a songbird  
 She’s everything I want  
 Everything I dreamed
 She’s in love, but not… with me
 Poet of the Light © 2020  

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