Self awareness

 Strength can be far more than  
 It could ever seem to be seen as  
 Beyond the mere pall of words  
 By those living their dreams
 Some of us are still waiting   
 You know my name, certainly  
 But in reality, you don’t know me
 How normally strange is that?  
 Nor do you know what I’m feeling
 Cause you never think to ask  
 It feels all too sad, getting close
 Like some invisible ghost   
 To what remains out of reach
 That changes everything- I am   
 That ultimate clasp of hands
 That can stir mountain and oceans   
 If only, if only, oh baby- if only  
 Somewhere present other than
 That space inside my own mind  
 Sometimes It feels like I’m darkness
 While I’m standing in the lights  
 Surrounded, by these people I know  
 But who seem to have forgotten, me  
 And then I feel my heart falter  
 Crumbling- piece by piece  
 In rampant successions of flutters  
 Oh- God knows- I try to hide
 Inside myself when I close my eyes
 As I spiritually cling by myself
 To my own silent desperation- hope
 Inside my cold clenched palms
 While my soul bleeds in lost teardrops  
 Waiting for all of it to simply pass
 And I can go back to… pretending  
 Poet of the Light © 2020 

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