I’ll pick up these little pieces  
 Of what’s left of myself  
 Head off in another direction
 No compass to guide my way
 My heart will wander aimlessly
 Nothing new really for me   
 No place to go, no one to see  
 I’ve resigned, you won’t come
 I can’t live a fools dream  
 And now I know, I can let you go
 You have your needs, I have mine  
 Or repeating our acts of insanity  
 In a day or two, you won’t notice  
 My absence hurting your life
 And you’ll remain right on track
 Chasing after what you never had  
 But I will miss you- everyday  
 Lost conversations and laughters  
 That filled up the silence we have  
 Maybe, another time, another place  
 We could’ve been something… special  
 Poet of the Light © 2020  

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