In my heart, I knew not to expect much   
 I knew this journey- would be arduous  
 By choice, by necessity, by blinding faith
 But being found by a pure love often is  
 I knew each step would seem impossible          
 Maybe until I fell into her arms- literally  
 But still, I had to take it, I had find out   
 After all, what was their to lose except
 More of the same unwanted nothingness
 That littered all my daily hours anyway?
 How would being loveless any different  
 Than accepting every faux replacement?
 Many will suggest and normalize settling  
 For nearly anything much less: sabotage  
 The taxing road would test my integrity  
 Even if only I- myself would really know
 Whether or not, I maintained my dignity
 I’ve fallen pray many of times in hopes  
 Being subjected to dishonesty, repeatedly   
 Battered emotionally, subjected to more
 Ridicule, temptation for the more lessor
 More conventional way of daily living
 But I’ve persevered by the grace of God
 Most times within my own set confusion  
 To have nothing to offer but love- itself
 Would take great deal of courage of trust   
 I must admit, what real journey compares?
 Can you image the woman who does dare?
 It's not for the faint of heart, that for sure  
 But, being found by a prayer is… priceless  
 Poet of the Light © 2020  

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