Moment born

 Another day slipped away
 Sitting on a bench wasting   
 Countdown tick-tock begun  
 Changing time continues on
 Cleaning out all my closets  
 As well as my own daily life
 Piece by piece I’m dumping
 Things I don’t need anymore
 And things I never needed  
 As well as broken promises  
 I kept hoping would mend  
 To still come true, but can’t  
 Meaningless words are ashes  
 Time to scale down to reality
 Trim off all the excessive fat  
 And those unwanted asses
 Using me for a play thing  
 As if my life was only theirs
 Friends and family leeches
 Misnomers for the speaking  
 Misusing me for dishonesty  
 Wanting to drain limited life
 Pretending to really like you
 So long as you remain fooled  
 Need to up my ride as well
 Prep it for someplace else
 Pack it up a one day before
 Grab some rest leave notes   
 Then off for a life of hopes  
 Desert, or mountain summit  
 Maybe Oceanside landscape  
 Who knows, who can really say  
 Maybe even an exotic country
 But wherever it is, it needs to fit
 Like a unique tailored made suit  
 I am who I am and will remain
 Paths come and go like shadows
 One is bound to be a yellow road  
 A week, a month or maybe a day
 Radically, just moving onward
 I hear a call, and I feel my needs
 To inhale it, taste it, feel its curves
 To live love… in found moments  
 Poet of the Light © 2020

8 thoughts on “Moment born

  1. Trim off all the excessive fat
    And those unwanted asses
    Using me for a play thing

    This was clever – putting the word ‘fat’ above ‘asses’.

    This poem was fantastic.

    BTW – how do you parse this line: ” Who knows, who can to say”? To me, it feels like the word ‘to’ is unnecessary, but maybe I am reading it incorrectly.

    Liked by 1 person

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