By invite only

 Oh- all those chaste days
 We’ve spent in our silence  
 Ignoring those unexpected  
 Invitations by cab or notes
 Written on checks or receipts
 With smiley faces and numbers
 Those millions of leaving planes  
 Off to some known exotic resort
 All expense and fun fully paid for
 During a euphoric week of long
 Of drunks, God knows what else
 With honestly a total stranger
 Caring nothing for our heart  
 Those subtle cues next door
 Or grins found while shopping
 Seeking to compose information
 All while offering a secret option
 We’re surrounded by temptations
 Seeking a lust filled integration
 But still, I’m glad I’ve turned down
 Each one, and without a thought   
 Grateful for their enticing offers
 To become  a spoiled h’ordeuvres  
 What I desire is… so much more
 Poet of the Light © 2020  

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