It’s not easy

 My scars say;
 I know I’m not easy.
 I’ve learned the hard way
 Just how to deal with time
 In my own strange way
 When I’m- all by myself
 But I really don’t want to be  
 And it's been such a long time
 Somethings are hard for me to tell  
 And over the years I’m sure  
 I’ve been hurt- as much as you but  
 You really can’t expect me to understand
 When you get so close I forget who I am
 And I can’t read what you need or don’t  
 When everything else remains between us  
 Cause you keep it guarded inside yourself  
 Until you let go of what's holding you back
 The best that I can do, is walk along a bit  
 We’ll never know, but I’d like to
 I’m afraid a little less with you
 I try understanding, over and over again
 I’m filled with questions I silence  
 I try listening the best I can
 I remain honest even in my quiet  
 Somethings I don’t want to learn all over  
 The lessons that wrecks my heart  
 I want to run, but I’m still sitting here  
 Sometimes- I really don’t know
 Who it is you’re talking to  
 Is it me or is it someone else?
 I don’t want either you or I
 To be another mistake we’ve made
 And hurt again one more time  
 I’m willing to share my journey
 If you can dare to walk … with me  
 Poet of the Light © 2020   

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