It's becoming fall time here  
 Leaves are changing colors
 That promise of happenings  
 Being fulfilled as expected
 Soon- they’ll just fall away  
 Ominous in unrelated way
 Indicative of personalities
 That come into our lives
 Some even as potential lovers  
 Still others, as sworn friends
 We see them in their summer
 And just adopt them, as is
 Letting our minds acquiesce
 To their roles and presence
 Feeling a bit more brighter   
 And cheery, albeit, mislead   
 Like a new daily trend of sorts  
 Answering their needs, calls
 Only to realize in our winter  
 They were merely short lived
 Serving only their own purpose
 In their voids and lulled life
 And we were just… substitutes
 Poet of the Light © 2020  

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