As if my soul accepted  
 some archaic folklore  
 of waiting for that one  
 shot of a lifetime chance
 at an ethereal kind of love  
 I fully accepted it, as real
 It was passed down over
 the ages of time, if a man
 caught the twinkles of a
 woman eyes over the vast  
 horizontal plains, they’d be
 decreed soulmates, in life
 I stood gazing outwardly
 over these immense plains
 hoping I’d see slightest  
 of glimmer of her light
 as all the years passed by  
 it remained beyond mine
 Still that inner feeling  
 churned- deep inside me  
 begging me to just stay,
 stare a bit longer, believe  
 that one day it will gleam
 become mine- to behold  
 On a gray foggy morning
 in the wee hours predawn
 out my weary eyes a flash
 appeared for but a second
 I’m woke and waiting for
 the unfolding… conclusion  
 Poet of the Light © 2020  

11 thoughts on “Aberrant

  1. hey, beautiful poem. jst wondering – are you sure you are “receiving” her, well? are you listening to her music, to her messages, to her cries for help, to her tiredness? maybe she’s been shouting out loud, explicitly, and non-explicitly, and all her actions and words have been severely misinterpreted, by all those that do not really know her well. Jst saying 🙂
    aberrant has a very negative connotation to me, apologies if i am misreading you. deviant has a more positive tone. there are many ways to express feelings of longing and love, you know.
    Just trying to give you another perspective.
    I wish you great luck in your once in a lifetime love endeavours 🙂

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      1. and no problem. i do as much reading and commenting on other’s ideas, words, or art, as I can but sometimes i think i should really take a break or give up. life on Earth has a limit and i sentient thinkers need to live real life too.

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      2. I accept all comments whether they concur with any statement or implications my write offer or not. However, their subjective inferences are purely up to the reader, not me. While this fictional story serves more as a metaphor about a chosen path for pure love, it can be interpreted in may ways.

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      3. that’s very true, and i accept your feedback too 🙂 interpretation is hard. i think many people overinterpret, misinterpret, do not interpret. ask for context or do not. everyone is in fact. we are all in this same fight and more or less speak the same language. My full respect for your written voice, and time to reply to my comments, and courage, to voice up this metaphorical fiction. 🙂

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  2. what you write is very beautiful. I am commenting here because – i have gone through a situation where i see the other person’s behaviour as otherworldly unexplainable and deviant and (self)damaging and really missing out several once-in-a-lifetime deep love chances; failing to see that all she is doing is collaborating and giving her all based on context and circumstances, to the point of exhausting her energy, patience, and deep love. only thing is that – he, on the receiving end, is extroverted and has a large virtual gang behind. inherently introverted people have different needs and rythms of self-expression and their natural way of natural expression is “petit-comite” like, specially as far as feelings are concerned. maybe does not apply to your situation, in which case – please forgive my wordy paragraph 🙂 regardless, very beautiful poem.


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