Hard way

  I didn’t listen all that much as a child  
 “Don’t touch that” too late! painful lesson
 That’s me, following my heart elsewhere   
 I knew I was edging over that threshold  
 Tempting fate, maybe foolishly even God  
 Against my inner voice, against all odds
 I persisted, after all, that's how love works
 I’d push until the world pushes me back  
 It premeditates past humanized boundaries  
 Defies all the best of logic and reasonings
 Comes on like a tsunami out of nowhere
 On a clear blue skyline, then just, becomes  
 Love- my greatest of gambles and of losses
 I should know, I have the scars to prove it
 Hey, what can I say, I’m human...and a poet  
 Poet of the Light ©  2020

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